The Kandy Society of Medicine (KSM) - Sri Lanka

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Wednesday, 20 April 2016 12:18

I am greatly privileged to be elected as the 47th president of the Kandy Society of Medicine (KSM) for the year 2016 /17. . I pledge that I carry out my duties as the new President to the best of my ability for progress of the society.

The Kandy Society of Medicine was formally established as a society in 1963in the central hill capital. It had taken a major role in enhancing knowledge skills and attitudes of the Medical profession. The KSM had reached out to the society in uplifting the same in all strata of healthcare workers as well as the public.

We shall be continuing the routine academic programmes, such as the very popular Wednesday CME program. Along with the council I hope to promote multidisciplinary approach in healthcare through the CME program. In this respect, it would make an arena for all grades of medical officers as speakers to share their experiences and disseminating their knowledge. A series of Specialty Updates to cover all branches of medicine also will be carried out.


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